Friday, September 6, 2013

McCartney: 7 Months

Oh, McCartney!
Words cannot even begin to describe just how much fun you are.  You are absolutely wonderful!  This past month it has been so cool to see you grow and learn new things.  Every day you are discovering something new.  I could probably write a novel about you by now, but I'll spare you and share just a few of my favorite highlights from this month:

:: Well, obviously one of the biggest things this month is that you are officially on the move!  You are a crawling machine.  You didn’t even do the whole moving backwards thing.  You knew that forward was where you wanted to go and that’s what you did.  I was in disbelief the first few times that you did it.  “Um, Ben, I think she crawled.”  But I was certain that I must have been seeing things.  But, my eyes weren’t fooling me.  You’re are cute when you crawl too.  It’s very articulated.  You also like to growl while you’re on the move, especially if you are headed for something in particular.  Of course, the things that you want are always the things that you shouldn’t have (i.e. shoes, Trudy’s toys, Trudy’s dog food, Trudy’s water bowl, Trudy’s tail, etc.)  You get the picture.

:: You have also gotten really good at pulling up on your own.  You love to stand in your playpen and watch me when I’m on the elliptical machine.  You just stand there and smile.  You are so proud of yourself! I'm pretty darn proud of you too ;o)

:: You have started babbling like crazy!  You haven't said "mama" or "dada" yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if you do here before long.  Although, who knows?  Maybe you'll say "Trudy" first!

:: No teeth yet! You're still rockin' that gummy smile that I love.

:: At dinner each night and sometimes at lunch is when we give you some solids to try.  You don't dislike them, but you're not crazy about them either.  What can I say, you like the boob!  If I had to pick your favorite flavors through it would be strawberry applesauce or sweet potato.

:: I don't want to embarrass you or anything, but I think that I should just state for the record that this month you had the worst blowout in your diaper history.  I have never been grossed out by your diapers, but this one was gag-worthy.  I have video footage of it in fact because I wanted your daddy to see what he was missing out on while he was at work.  I won't share it on here, but remind me when you are 16 to show you.

:: You LOVE LOVE LOVE our nightly dance parties.  We always have one while we’re cooking dinner waiting for your daddy to get home and right before bed.  You usually get the giggles so hard that you give yourself hiccups....

:: Speaking of our dance parties, you love music! And not lame kiddie music either, you LOVE music with a good beat! You instantly light up and start kicking your feet.  I have a feeling that one day you are going to LOVE taking dance lessons.

:: You are turning into quite the little bookworm these days.  You love being read to and will listen for a long time.  I just brought down all of my childhood books from KC, so you're library just became huge!  I can't wait to read all of my favorites to you :o)

:: There have been a few times in the car when you have started crying and seem inconsolable.  That is when I’ll sing your lullaby to you.  It’s our special song.  It’s pretty neat - you’ll stop crying and either smile or fall asleep.  When I sing it to you when you’re happy you’ll turn to me with the biggest smile on your face.  You just love it.  your daddy really loves it too. He really wants to get it on video because he thinks it is the most amazing thing ever.

You truly are the sweetest little thing.  You are just so loving and happy.  Your snuggles and smiles are seriously the best thing in the world and you make each and every day so bright.
I know we say it every month, but we love you so much baby girl and we thank God every day for you!
You are the best!

Your Mama


  1. You guys sound like you have fun! She's a beautiful and happy girl, nice work Mama and Daddy!

  2. She's just so so cute! Her personality radiates through every picture!


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