Monday, August 5, 2013

McCartney: 6 Months

Baby girl, how are you already six months old?  That's half a year!
This past month flew by and it seems like you went from being a newborn to definitely being a baby.
And baby, you are all baby!  You are so much fun and are doing brand new, exciting things every day.
Here are some of my favorites from this past month:

:: We just had your six month checkup.
You weigh 14.44lbs (16.6 percentile) and are 25 inches long (12.77 percentile).  You're our tiny, little shorty!  On your legs I can count at least 4 rolls though so we're all good.  Your doctor said that you are perfectly proportioned - you line up right at the center of the chart!  That's right, he thinks you're perfect too! ;o)
At this appointment you got 4 shots (two in each chubby little thigh) and one vaccine by mouth.  You were such a trooper. I always hate watching you get shots because it is seriously the one time that I really see you truly cry.  And when that nurse poked those needs in your leg (she took her darn time too!)  you screamed!  But, I picked you up right after and within a few seconds you were quiet and cuddled up on me.  I am not lying though when I say that you turned to the nurse and gave her the saddest, guilty glare.
See the cute little bandaid?
:: This past month you nailed the whole sitting by yourself thing.  Last month you were getting there, but still pretty wobbly.  We always made sure that we were sitting behind you because you would topple over.  But, right when you turned 6 months you started to really get the hang of it.  Now we can set you on the floor and surround you with your toys and you just play your little heart away!

:: We tried to tell you that you have met your milestone quota for the month (I don't want you to grow up too fast!), but you just keep surprising us every day.  You are so so so close to's awesome.  You get up on your knees and rock back and forth.  Last week you started to get the hang of moving a hand out in front of you and this weekend you took a few "accidental crawls."  Today, you did about three that looked pretty purposeful.  I have a feeling that it will be any day now.  Until then, you can just "tumbleweed" your way around.

::  You're also pulling up.  We just started putting you in your pack'n'play to play and we're already going to have to lower it because you pull up onto your knees and look over the side.  If that's not enough, last night you pulled yourself up for the first time in it.  Like to where you were standing along the side!  I couldn't believe my eyes!

:: Despite the sitting and the almost-crawling, you still prefer to stand.  You love to hold our hands and walk towards us.  You always love it when we set your feet on hard surfaces so you can stomp, stomp, stomp.  We think you might be an excellent tap dancer one day.

:: When it comes to sleep, you are changing every week.  Some weeks you'll snooze through the night, other's you're up every few hours.  Now that we are going to be home and not traveling for a month or so, we're going to work on transitioning you to your pack'n'play.  Right now you are still sleeping in your rock'n'play right next to our bed.  You haven't liked laying flat until recently.  But we've taken a few naps together and you like to be sprawled out.  So, we'll see how this week goes ;o)

:: Your doctor asked me how your speech was coming along and if you made a variety of sounds.  I told him that you did, but then I said, "She reallllly likes to growl."  He just laughed.  I'm not sure he believed me.  That is until you let out the deepest, cutest growl that I'd ever heard.  You had him laughing so hard.  You just love to growl.  It's a hoot!

:: I can't forget one of the biggest changes this past month!  To celebrate your six month birthday we let you try your first solid foods.  For your first taste, I mashed up some avocado.  You were unsure about it.  We tried some carrots later, but still, they were just "eh."  That is until last night I pureed you some sweet potatoes and OH BABY!  You LOVED them! Phew, I was starting to think you didn't like my cooking ;o) It's so much fun watching you discover all of these new tastes (btw, you really wanted my hummus the other day and made the grossest face when I gave you a little taste).  I love making your food for you and feeding you in your high chair at the kitchen table.  You're still being breastfed primarily though and will be until you decide no more.  Until then we're just "playing with our food" and enjoying all of these new tasty treats.

:: You may not be obsessed with food yet, but you know who you are obsessed with?  Trudy!  Even though she gives you about 20 gazillion kisses in a row, you still love her.  And she loves you too!  Whenever you're playing on the floor, she will come lay right beside you.  You'll roll around and scoot until you can touch her (you always want to touch her).  I have to keep a close eye because you love to pull her hair out.  She's so good though!  You've pulled out a chunk before and she'll just kiss you and kiss you and kiss you.  Unconditional love!  I have a feeling that you two are going to be really good friends.  Just wait until you start crawling and can chase each other around!

:: Second animal-friend runner up would be, without a doubt, Sophie.
You two have some special bond going on.  Either that or you just love giraffe meat.

:: You are such a well-behaved baby when we're out and about (*knock on Internet wood*).  Everyone says so.  I took you to Krissie's bridal shower last week and for three and a half hours you just sat in front of me and played with your toys.  I even took you to a business meeting at the ranch and they couldn't believe how good you were for almost four hours.  You either sat in my lap and chewed on Sophie, nursed/slept, or played on your picnic blanket with your toys.  I love taking you everywhere with me.  You're just my little sidekick.

:: I think I'm going to have to get a LifeCase for my phone because you want to play with it all the time, even if it's at the other end of the couch.  The case I have on it now isn't waterproof and guess what - you're a drool machine and everything goes in your mouth.  So, we'll have to add that to the list!  ;o)  What's even cuter is that you love talking on the phone.  Whenever Grandmama and Papa Boo-Boop call to talk to you, you just light up!  It's so awesome - you recognize their voices and even laugh!

:: Okay, so Papa just can't get enough of your Grandpapa.  Now, you love your Grandmama too and the two of you could just talk to each other all day long.  But Papa Boo-Boop cracks you up.  Up until recently, he was Grandpapa, but whenever he sees you the first thing he says is, "Boo-Boop!" and you just eat it up!  It's hilarious!  So, after staying with them for a week last month and after several hours of "boo-boops" we decided that he needed a name change. :o)

:: Speaking of that visit, that's where we learned just how much of a cartoon lover you are already.  This is your go-to pose when the TV turns on.

::  You have such an easy smile.  All we have to do is look at you and you just light up.  Whenever strangers say hello to you, you give them that big, toothless grin and you can just tell that it makes their day.  It's not just your smile though; you have this joyful glow to you.  You are just so happy and so sweet.  I pray that you never lose that.

I think it goes without saying that you are just the light of our lives.  You bring so much joy to us everyday.  I love spending every moment with you and watching you grow into the most beautiful, kind little girl.  Your daddy always says that no matter what kind of a day he has had at work, when he comes home it all goes away because of that huge smile you give him.

We love you so much, baby girl!
I can't wait for all of the adventures to come!


  1. I can't believe she's only 14 lbs. Henry is 14 lbs and he's only 10 weeks. She is just cute and petite. :) I always love seeing tiny babies. My family only makes little giants.

  2. So fun! I didn't believe it when people told me how fast they grow but they were right! It goes by way to fast :(

  3. 6 months is ... unreal. Wow. She is so precious and spunky - her pictures really do share so much about who she is :)
    That's a funny story about the name change. I remember when Jonah was born - she was the first grandbaby on both sides. Everyone was deciding what they wanted to be "called" ... my dad came out to visit and was holding her. I think she was about 6 days old. He said, "Jonah, I'm not your father. I am Obie wan" And at that moment he became Obie instead of Grandad. Now, almost 12 grandkids later, he is and will always be Obie :) Ps- I'm glad youre back. Almost a month was a lng time!

  4. Wow! That went fast. way too fast I'm sure. What a beautiful baby.

  5. I can't believe she is already six months! She is such a gorgeous little girl! Those big, blue eyes are just beautiful! I am glad you're back to blogging, but I can definitely see why you'd be spending all your time cuddling with her instead! :)


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